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Camp Fire at Night



What Sets Us Apart

We make it easy to enjoy the great outdoors. Take advantage of our vehicle access and drive your car, van or towable camper right up to your campsite. Ease of access for the novice and experienced camper is one of the things that set us apart.


A Must Have Experience

Each of our campsites come with a fire pit and a grill plate. Whether you are cooking a full meal, making Smores or enjoying your favorite beverage and story a campfire is a must have experience. We make it easy and safe.


A Must Have

Each of our campsite come with a tent pad, a designated area at a campground site to a set up a tent. Tent pads eliminate the need to find a suitable spot to pitch a tent. Believe us you will definitely like this feature.


A Convenient Option

Each of our campsites is equipped with a seating area. Whether you need a place to sit and relax or eat a delicious meal, enjoy the convenience of an outdoor seating and dining area under majestic pine trees.


Bring Your Own Or Rent

We have great terrain for mountain biking. The Carolina Sandhills is full of xeric sand, pine trees and amazing wildlife. If you didn't bring your bike then no worries we offer mountain bike rentals.


Camp In the Trees

Hammock camping is a form of camping in which a camper sleeps in a suspended hammock rather than a conventional tent on the ground. We have designated areas (trees) to allow you to experience this amazing form of camping.

Amenities: Amenities
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